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June 29, 2011


1. If dosa sticks to the tawa, rub an onion cut into half dipped in oil on the hot tawa and sprinkle some water over it. Now try making the next dosa.

2. To get good crisp puris, add a little semolina into the dough.

3. Adding pinch of salt while frying onions makes it quicker to fry the onions.

4. If want to preserve ginger,garlic and green chillies paste for long add bit salt and hot oil to it while grinding.(Source :  Nilisha Agarwal)

5. Adding Kasuri methi to sambar will enhance the taste and flavour (Source: Swetha S Abhinav)

6. f forgetten to soak chana or rajma in night, to just saok them in hot water for 1 hour n then when going to boil in pressure cooker add 2 whole supari in it….they will get boiled soon  (Source : Nilisha Agarwal)

7. Add 1 cup dahi and 1/2 cup ghee( i knw thts too much) to methi paratha dough….and knead it with warm water… will add taste n will becme soft too (Source : Nilisha Agarwal)

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